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A car title loan is a process in which someone will borrow you some amount of money in exchange for the title of your car. This car title is collateral for the loan you are given, and it will be returned upon completion of the loan repayment.

When you finish paying back the loan, your car title is then returned to you. However, if you default payment, the lender has the power and rights to sell off the car to offset the debt.

This explains why the car title loan doesn’t use credit score as a yardstick for giving out loans since it doesn’t hold any water in this situation because the only things that are necessary here are the title of the car, then the worth. A lender mostly doesn’t offer more than the car is worth to steer clear of a bad investment.

Before you take that loan, it is advisable to look out and check how your car will be valued by the loan institution. Most institutions make use of the third party to help on this.

It’s also very important to know that offering your car title as collateral for a car title loan doesn’t stop you from making use of your car. You only handed over the title, not the car itself during payment.

You can use your car as much as you want and no one will even notice you use it as collateral to access a loan.


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